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E R I N 

M c K I B B E N



I have rarely met someone with more energy and fire 

than Erin....her appetite for life is at once voracious and contagious.....she is a fine musician with keen instincts, a solid technique, high work ethics.....she continuously invests her inexhaustible high-spirits in her music and the results are simply thrilling...”

​Christophe Chagnard, Director, Northwest Sinfonietta, Lake Union Civic Orchestra


"Whether or not wild Up is the future is for the future to know. But this much is certain: It works. If I ran the school district, I’d hire this collective to propagandize for classical music to every high school in the city."

Mark Swed (on wild Up), Los Angeles Times



“...a raucous, grungy, irresistibly, exceptionally virtuosic family...”

The New York Times (on wild Up)

"Standing in the midst of a metal jungle of mics, music stands and percussion instruments, wild Up flutist Erin McKibben lifted her piccolo to her lips and offered up a simple high note, letting it hang in the air briefly before repeating it with calm insistence. Moments later, that simple riff was returned, volleyed back like a tennis ball via live electronic sampling. McKibben responded in kind, launching an intricate back and forth, a duet with herself in which she performed on piccolo, flute, and water-tuned glass bottles." 

Catherine Womak for National Sawdust Log



E V E N T S​



September 21st, 2021

Equinox Concert

Santa Barbara Revels

The University Club // Santa Barbara



September 4th, 2021

Impulse New Music Festival

Festival Commissions Concert


"Erin McKibben's flute tone was particularly rich and haunting..." 

Alicia Byer, New Classic LA


"Reinecke's charmingly romantic showpiece for flute absolutely sparkles like a brilliantly faceted gemstone as played by our guest artist, Erin McKibben."

Laurie Heidt, Lake Union Civic Orchestra

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